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Our Approach

Proposed Pathways to Change
the world of early childhood development, the Foundation focuses on efforts
that are child-centered, holistic and community-based. Our non-profit partners
work together with parents, caregivers and communities to create safe and
nurturing environments for children. They prepare children for primary school.
They build organizational and community capacities to provide high quality,
effective services and support for children. They seek to protect the rights of
the child. Collectively, these efforts create a network of nurturing support
for young children as they grow and develop.

We seek to explore new approaches to providing quality early childhood
development in creative, efficient and cost-effective ways. We aim to
complement what others are doing in the field, and collaborate to optimize our
resources and foster mutual learning. We value cooperation between all sectors to
improve outcomes for children. We are eager to share the work of our grantee
partners and encourage even greater collaboration in the field.

We have chosen to focus on three geographic areas: the United States, Lesotho
and Tanzania. These environments represent unique opportunities; our
programming in each geography reflects this diversity.

International Partners
Way Foundation is working with local communities to provide access to
healthcare, primary school and pre-primary school education. We have chosen to
focus on key communities in Lesotho and Tanzania. Through our
philanthropy, we’ve connected with exceptional leaders who are investing in the
lives of children and strengthening their communities
. Learn More →

Domestic Partners
education, we can improve the lives of children, and help ensure they have
access to the assistance they need for success. Learn More →