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Decades of research have proven that building sound beginnings in children’s lives can help to break inter-generational cycles of poverty.  Unfortunately, a lack of awareness and resources too often stands in the way of a child’s healthy development and ability to learn.  Too often, promising programs work in isolation and lack the capacity to coordinate and leverage their efforts with others.
Better Way Foundation believes a child’s greatest opportunity for success lies in strong beginnings.
We help others create healthy, sustainable, supportive environments where children can properly develop, learn and thrive. 

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Recently, Better Way Foundation’s partners working in the Mwanza and Kagera regions of Tanzania came together for ten days of training and site visits to learn from one another’s work.

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The Tanzania Home Economics Association (TAHEA) continues to advance community-based early childhood development initiatives in the Mwanzi region of Tanzania. By creating training curricula, implementing a plan to provide financial incentives to local teachers and engaging parents, caregivers and households through participatory planning, TAHEA is raising the community’s access to quality early childhood education.  

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