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A Partnership with CentroNía
The partnership between CUA and CentroNía was designed to develop a fully-funded Master’s of Education program with a specialization in Early Childhood and Special Education. The program is designed to fill a gap in the local community by providing highly qualified early childhood teachers that can serve very young children with special needs, bilingual children, and their families. Children are now able to remain in their community-based center while receiving the special services they need, and parents are integrated into the process to better understand how to enhance their child’s development at home. The program has led to great success in recruiting Master’s students from the local community and has leveraged over one million dollars in federal funding for scholarships to enable participation of students from diverse economic circumstances.

The degree program mixes course work and reflective practice over a two-year period and includes two field placements for students with a broad assortment of schools and agencies such as CentroNía. Successful graduates receive certification to teach pre-K to third grade. In collaboration with CentroNía, the first cohort of Master’s students has completed their first year of a two-year program. There are 15 students in the program, including two of CentroNía’s own staff.

About the Partners

The CUA Department of Education seeks to contribute to the local, regional, and national educational environment. Their teacher training program uses the reflective practitioner model rooted in Catholic social justice teaching and contemporary cognitive science.

CentroNía is a nationally recognized, multicultural learning community with a pioneering approach to bilingual education, providing a wide variety of programs, including Early Head Start, high quality pre-kindergarten programs, and the DC Bilingual Charter School. They encourage intellectual adventure and provide guidance each step of the way for children, youth and families to achieve their goals. To learn more about CentroNía, contact Eileen Wasow, M.A. at (202) 332-4200.

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