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Change Agents in the United States.
Through education, we can improve the lives of children and help ensure they have access to the assistance they need to succeed. In the United States, the Foundation supports early childhood education and youth development through two programs:

Our University-Community Partnership Program supports collaboration among Catholic universities, early childhood development centers and other service providers, encouraging knowledge and resource sharing. We believe partnerships between academics, practitioners, caregivers and communities are important in creating integrated development programs that address the wide range of cognitive, emotional and physical needs of children.

Our American Indian Catholic Mission Schools Program works with a network of mission schools to help youth successfully complete high school and enroll in post-secondary programs. This includes youth in preschool, elementary, middle and high school. Our support works to enhance networks, strengthen teaching practices and improve student success.

The Catholic University of America – Washington, D.C.
The Department of Education at Catholic University of America seeks to identify best practices that integrate the efforts of community organizations, universities and schools to improve the delivery of early childhood development services in urban Catholic settings.

City Connects Boston, Massachussetts
Connects is an innovative, school-based intervention that revitalizes
student support in urban Catholic elementary schools. Based in the Center for
Optimized Student Support at Lynch School of Education at Boston
College, the program develops a uniquely tailored set of intervention,
prevention and enrichment services to help students learn and thrive.

Creighton University – Omaha, Nebraska
University serves as the hub for the American Indian Catholic Mission Schools
Network, which works to share best practices, network with peer institutions
and support professional development, advancing the mission of each individual
school and building the Network’s capacity.

De La Salle Blackfeet School Browning, Montana
La Salle Blackfeet School is committed to providing a quality, innovative and
faith-based education, empowering its students to become successful learners
and able participants in shaping their community.

Red Cloud Indian School Pine Ridge, South Dakota
Cloud is committed to the values held sacred by both Jesuits and the Lakota
people—quality education, social justice, spiritual formation and a strong
commitment to serving others.

San Carlos Apache Catholic Community: St. Charles School San Carlos, Arizona
Charles School promotes the good of the child, family and community by serving
the educational needs of students.

St. Augustine Indian Mission School Winnebago, Nebraska
Augustine Indian Mission and School has been serving the Native
American people of the Winnebago and Omaha Tribes in northeast corner of
Nebraska since 1909.

St. Catherine University St. Paul, Minnesota
St. Catherine University and the Montessori Center of Minnesota are partnering to bring needed services to children and families who are part of the Montessori Partners Serving All Children program.

St. Michael Indian School St. Michaels, Arizona

St. Michael Indian School has provided students from local
Native American communities with a quality education, rooted in Catholic values
and sensitive to Native heritage, for more than a century, teaching leadership
skills and enabling students to contribute in a culturally diverse world.

University of Dayton Dayton, Ohio
University of Dayton is working to develop a community Family Engagement
Collaborative and implement activities to support family engagement linked to
school readiness, including a Family Engagement Clearinghouse for developing
and compiling resources, strategies, best practices and toolkits for family
engagement, expanding its Family Café model as a strategy to strengthen
families and promote whole child readiness. They plan to conduct an evaluation of
family engagement for school readiness to measure impact over time.

University of Great Falls Great Falls, Montana
The University of Great Falls works with the Great Falls Early Childhood Coalition, a group of local education, social service, welfare, medical services and programs serving families in Great Falls. This partnership brings national expertise and training in early childhood development to rural locations.