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Grant Making Process

Better Way Foundation, we pursue a vision in which our partners find better ways
to build a future where child well-being contributes to strong families and
communities. Our values
describe how we approach this pursuit. Our approach facilitates a powerful
exchange of ideas, and a community of thought leaders providing locally-driven
solutions. We recognize partnerships are a resource for good. Our grant making
approach centers on the following steps:
Better Way Foundation works with partners on a select number of issues. Given this strategic focus, we do not accept unsolicited proposals at this time.
Better Way Foundation favors proposals that demonstrate:

  • A clear plan with cost-effective strategies, objectives and outcomes
  • A well-defined evaluation plan
  • Collaboration, co-financing or active partnerships 
  • An approach to address gaps in current services and interventions
  • Strong leadership and good stewardship of resources

Better Way Foundation prioritizes:

  • Multi-year commitments to help transformation take shape over time
  • Partnering with multiple players, from grassroots organizations to grasstop leaders, to create systems change
  • Collaboration with other funders and partners
  • Pushing knowledge and results to the next level

Better Way Foundation does not fund:

  • Capital or endowment campaigns, unless aligned with a strategic Foundation focus
  • Projects for the sole purpose of lobbying or funds earmarked 
    for lobbying
  • Government agencies, unless for strategic research or training purposes