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Change Agents in Tanzania and Lesotho
Better Way Foundation is focused on working with local communities to provide access to healthcare, primary school and pre-primary school education. We have chosen to focus on key communities in Lesotho and Tanzania. Through our philanthropy, we’ve connected with exceptional leaders investing in the lives of children and strengthening their communities.

In Tanzania, the Foundation focuses its work in the Mwanza and Kagera regions. Our funding works to address gaps in healthcare, nutrition services, pre-primary and primary education. Creating healthy, nurturing environments for children is critical to their success, and has the potential to build a stronger Tanzanian economy in the future.

In Lesotho, the Foundation partners with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and its local partners to develop a model of integrated early childhood care and development in which more children receive high-quality, relevant education through a sustainable and replicable approach. 

Amani Girls Home Mwanza, Tanzania
Girls Home works to reduce social constraints and discrimination by
supporting girls’ access to education, advocating for and sensitizing
communities ononmon the vital
importance of children’s rights and empowering their families economically and
socially. They support orphan girls their caregivers through in-home and
community-based environments.

Catholic Relief Services Lesotho
Child is This? is a non-profit serving 48 rural communities in three
under-served districts in Lesotho: Leribe in the lowlands, Thaba Tseka in the
mountains and Mohale’s Hoek in the Senqu River Valley.

Children in Crossfire Tanzania – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Children in Crossfire Tanzania’s mission is to ensure young children perform effectively in their schools and communities. The organization’s vision is a world where young children can realize their potential.

Mama’s Hope Organization for Legal Assistance (MHOLA)Bukoba, Tanzania
Working in villages isolated from main roads and urban resources, MHOLA provides legal assistance for children and their families, provides access to preschool and builds community commitment to the protection of child rights. MHOLA also connects women and children — in particular pregnant girls, the elderly and people living with HIV/AIDS — with health education and services in their community.

Montessori Training Centre of MwanzaMwanza, Tanzania
Centre of Mwanza seeks to promote young people’s education and reduce
poverty in their families to promote positive child and community development.

Tanzania Home Economics Association (TAHEA)Mwzanza, Tanzania
vision is a democratic and just society with improved living conditions,
sufficient food and a strong economic base. The organization’s mission
is to empower, with gender perspective, individuals, families and
communities in Tanzania, socially and economically, education, training
and information sharing. In order to achieve this, TAHEA uses the expertise of
its professional members to facilitate development by networking and
collaborating with similarly-driven organizations.

Tumaini Letu Women Development OrganizationNshamba, Tanzania
Letu works at a grassroots level to increase women’s and children’s access to
basic needs. They support and strengthen communities by working to improve the
social and economic well-being of orphans and vulnerable children, particularly
those affected by HIV/AIDS. They are a regional leader in the field of day care
and preschool programs for children ages 0–8, and one of the first agencies to launch
psychosocial services for orphans and troubled youth.