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Mamas’ Hope Organization for Legal Assistance

MHOLA’s vision is for a healthy society, free from gender violence and discrimination. Faced with prevalent abuse of the rights of women and children in their community, including domestic violence, rape, early marriage, child labor, and land rights violations, MHOLA seeks to empower those most vulnerable by raising awareness, and providing professional legal and health services. Their ultimate goal is to curb violation of fundamental human rights within the community.

Working in very remote villages isolated from main roads and urban resources, MHOLA provides and integrates material and legal assistance for some of the poorest children and their families, providing more access to pre-schooling and building community commitment toward the protection of child rights. Apart from providing legal and human rights support, MHOLA also connects women and children, especially pregnant girls, the elderly, and people living with HIV/AIDS, to health education and health services provided by primary and community-based health care centers in their community.

Knowing young orphans are most vulnerable to suffering from land, housing, and food deprivation, as well as human rights violations, the Better Way Foundation supported MHOLA’s effort to build understanding and awareness among caretakers, community leaders, and primary school teachers about the rights of the child and how to advocate and promote these rights. They provide training, information sharing, and direct support to children aged 0–8 and their caregivers. Mobile legal aid services complement this first line of child rights enforcement — making it possible for MHOLA to serve children in the most remote of villages.

Saulo P. Malarui