Mission, Vision, Values


A family foundation, rooted in catholic social values, Better Way Foundation invests in systemic, holistic and evidence-based approaches that support the positive development of all children


Our partners are finding a better way to build a future where child well-being contributes to strong families and communities


  • We see our grantees as partners and believe in cultivating and fostering collaborations and networks to catalyze innovation and change.
  • We are particularly interested in supporting faith-based partners, but remain open to a variety of partners who share our vision, mission and values.
  • With education as the core – we are interested in supporting holistic approaches to change and empowerment.
  • We prefer approaches to social change that are or can become evidence-based – reflected in measurable changes in quantitative and qualitative indicators.
  • We believe that cultivating strong leadership is essential for building capacity that leads to long-term sustainability and systemic change.
  • We believe that the work generated by our partners should be shared with the broader community to help inform, educate and catalyze change.
  • We have a commitment to good stewardship of our foundation’s resources. We expect the same commitment of our partners.