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Montessori Training Centre of Mwanza

The objectives of “Dreams of Tanzania” are “to promote young people’s education and to reduce poverty of the families for the full and harmonious development of the human being.” The objectives of the Montessori Training Centre are to give children and young teachers and students a good education with focus on individual development and motivation.

The Centre was founded in 1997 on land owned by the local Catholic diocese. Sr. Denise Mattle runs the Centre and has been in Tanzania for 30-some years. She is connected to a broader network of sister-run Montessori training centers. In a context where it is difficult to find well-trained ECD teachers, the center plays an important role in efforts to improve the quality of early education provided to young children.

Current Better Way Foundation funding supports the training of 10 preschool teachers in the two-year Montessori training program, materials for the training center, and an expansion of the center’s collaboration with Amani Girls Home (AGH), which will consist of a short, intensive training course for 70 teachers.