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Red Cloud Indian School

Stories of hope are being realized every single day on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. And at Red Cloud Indian School, the community is pushing ahead to not just reach their goals, but exceed them in the most remarkable ways possible. Here’s just a sampling of outcomes:

  • Outreach programs confront addictions like alcohol and drugs head-on, and offer health and wellness initiatives to families who may not have access to these programs otherwise.
  • More than 800 families are served through pastoral ministry programs in our church communities.
  • Lakota lay leaders are taking active roles in our parishes, leading programs in religious education, youth ministry and sacramental preparation.
  • Red Cloud High School boasts 59 Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholarship recipients, the highest per capita in the country.
  • Seniors have earned full rides to attend Dartmouth, Stanford, Marquette and Creighton University, among many others.
  • 100 percent of graduates have plans to further their education and training, attending more than 25 colleges today, like Princeton, Arizona State, New Mexico and Black Hills State.
  • Students intern at nationally-recognized organizations including the Institute of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.
  • 100 percent of high school students volunteer on the reservation. Some travel as far as Washington DC to give back to other communities.
  • The Heritage Center is home to 10,000 pieces of the Native American contemporary and historical Lakota art, all of which was recently digitally cataloged.
  • The Red Cloud Indian Art Show welcomes nearly 200 artists, both seasoned professions and emerging young artists, to showcase their work each year.

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