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Tumaini Letu Women Development Organization

Located in a rural market center in Kagera region where the needs are great, Tumaini Letu (TL) works at the grassroots to increase women and childrens’ access to basic needs. TL supports and strengthens the community by working to improve the social and economic well-being of orphans and vulnerable children, particularly those affected by HIV/AIDS. They are a regional leader in the field of day care and pre-school programs for kids 0–8 and one of the first agencies to launch psychosocial services for orphans and troubled youth.

Better Way Foundation has supported TL’s use of an integrated approach to meeting the needs of young children in order to better prepare them for pre-primary and primary school. TL’s mix of interventions include:

  • Education: constructing pre-school centers and training teachers
  • Nutrition: stepping up school feeding into a regular program for the more needy students
  • Health: advice and mentoring to caretakers, home visiting, and student counseling
  • Household economic opportunities: savings and credit associations, and, in some cases, in-kind grants of farm animals for food and animal rearing enterprises

Tumaini Letu also supports capacity builidng of local women’s groups in their entrepreneurial efforts with business and management training, record keeping and other topics, providing them with microloans and access to local markets.

About Tumaini Letu
Kachocho Respicius Timanywa

Nshamaba, Kagera, Tanzania