Approach & values

Better Way Foundation collaborates with organizations and leaders who are deeply rooted in their communities and dedicated to driving systemic change. Our partners enhance the lives and futures of the children, families, and communities they serve through holistic, evidence-based, culturally grounded approaches. 


At the core of our approach is the value we place on cultivating strong relationships with our partners. We believe that such relationships foster mutual learning and create new opportunities to support our partners in realizing their visions and driving solutions to catalyze change. To build and nurture these partnerships, we actively engage in the following efforts:

  • Development of networks & collaborations

    Connecting our partners to catalyze innovation and change

  • Leadership development

    Strong leaders can oversee direct service delivery to ensure that more children have access to early childhood development opportunities

  • Evaluation & learning

    Thoughtful reflection and analysis helps partners and the foundation understand, analyze, and deepen their impact.

We recognize that our partners know best when it comes to their own communities. As a collaborative ally, we follow their lead and offer our resources and connections to help move their efforts forward. This approach leads to a unique grant process where we prioritize developing strong working relationships upon which bold collaborations with ambitious goals can flourish.

If you would like to learn more about our grantmaking process at Better Way Foundation, please contact us.


  • We see our grantees as partners and believe in cultivating and fostering collaborations and networks to catalyze innovation and change.
  • We are particularly interested in supporting faith-based partners but remain open to a variety of partners who share our vision, mission and values.
  • With education as the core – we are interested in supporting holistic approaches to change and empowerment.
  • We prefer approaches to social change that are or can become evidence-based– reflected in measurable changes in quantitative and qualitative indicators.
  • We believe that cultivating strong leadership is essential for building capacity that leads to long-term sustainability and systemic change.
  • We believe that the work generated by our partners should be shared with the broader community to help inform, educate and catalyze change.
  • We have a commitment to good stewardship of our foundation’s resources. We expect the same commitment of our partners.
  • We are committed to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable persons.
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