Thunder Valley CDC, Owáyawa Číkʼala | Lakota Immersion Montessori

The Lakota Language & Education Initiative is paramount to the liberation and reclamation of the Lakȟól Wičhóȟʼaŋ (way of life) and Lakȟól woyúkčaŋ (thought). Through this initiative, the Thunder Valley CDC actively works to acquire, preserve and protect the language and lifeways through a multi-generational approach.

This work fosters a Lakota learning environment that develops strong leaders who are rooted in Lakota identity, Lakȟól Wičhóȟʼaŋ, are academically prepared and have the tools and accessibility to live a healthy and holistic life.

The work begins with the youngest Tribal members through the Owáyawa Číkʼala | Lakota Immersion Montessori, with a curriculum rooted in Lakota language and lifeways.

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