Welcome Comanche Language and Cultural Revitalization Committee

Better Way Foundation welcomes one of its newest partners – The Comanche Language and Cultural Revitalization Committee (CLCRC). Founded in 1993 with the focus of reviving the Comanche language, the group later expanded its mission to include cultural development. CLCRC uses evidence-based practices to support children and their well-being by brining language and culture programs into tribal centers and public schools, including an immersion preschool and language classes.

With support from Better Way Foundation, CLCRC plans to develop training and professional development for leaders and educators of the Comanche Nation Childcare Program, while moving to dual-language instruction. The initiative will increase their understanding of effective culturally-based language teaching methods, trauma-informed practices, development of Indigenized curriculum and fostering intergenerational relationships. They hope to share what they learn with a broader audience by producing language resources and curriculum models.

Better Way Foundation commends Comanche Language and Cultural Revitalization Committee for their commitment to culturally relevant education and trauma-informed teaching methods. We look forward to seeing the impact on academic performance and the holistic health of the community’s children.

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